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Information and Resources for Parents Available to Your Learning Center

Channels of 3-minute videos on Mental Health for Schools

  • Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Prevention

    • 4 Series
    • 8 Videos
  • Bullying and Harassment

    Bullying and Harassment

    • 20 Series
    • 6 Videos
  • Teaching Tolerance

    Teaching Tolerance

    • 40 Series
    • 4 Videos
  • Getting Smart About Drugs and Alcohol

    Getting Smart About Drugs and Alcohol

    • 30 Series
    • 6 Videos
  • Responsible Use of Social Media

    Responsible Use of Social Media

    • 10 Series
    • 4 Videos
  • Embracing Diversity

    Embracing Diversity

    • 22 Series
    • 6 Videos

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